Early Drafts

You’ve watched the films, now see how they could have ended up looking if they hadn’t been chopped about before filming.

Out of Time

Ever wondered what OOT looked like in its early stages? Rubbish, that’s what. Even the final “shooting script” went through changes while I was filming it because parts just didn’t work when I played them back. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t on this film.

A Wasted Journey

This was a quick film that I didn’t spend a lot of time refining, so there was only ever the one script. It still got changed during filming though. There’s some extra dialogue in here that was dropped because I ran out of patience filming two guys standing talking to each other. It really can be awfully tedious, especially with big speeches. Most of the dropped lines ended up being played over the credits at the end.

Unused story ideas

Here’s a few bits and pieces of things that got as far as the script stage and then, for one reason and another, got shelved.

BrickFest music video competition: Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At

It really helps to have heard the song before reading this synopsis. It doesn’t mean much on its own.

This isn’t even a script – just an idea. At the start of the song, the protagonist’s head falls off and rolls away. The rest of the film is taken up with his body’s failed attempts to locate and reattach it. Plenty of scope for Warner Bros style cartoon shenanigans.

Alternatively, a man and a woman (completely separately) both lose their heads. The heads meet up and go on the run together. Meanwhile the bodies team up to track down their missing heads. By the end of the film, either the heads or the bodies (or both) have fallen in love. I think this may be the same as the story in Disney’s “The Lady and the Tramp” (only with dogs instead of heads) but I’m not sure. Needs some work – how do you convey two headless bodies falling in love?

Words of Wisdom

I had a few ideas for the Brickfilms Words of Wisdom competition before settling on my final choice. The scripts below are a couple of the better developed ideas. With hindsight, I’m glad I went with the one I did (here) because it gave me a chance to do something a bit more in keeping with the tone of the competition.

The Count

This was dropped because it ran too long (well over the two minute limit) and because I couldn’t find a good way to shoehorn the corny gag in at the end. Also, the part where the bad guys menace the Count is a bit… I don’t know. Like the space mutant in the early drafts of OOT, it doesn’t fit in with the Oblong Pictures style – the “tone” is wrong.

I really enjoyed doing the Count’s voice though. I may have to use him in something else.

The Land of the Blind

Basically, in the land of the blind, being the one-eyed man isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. A simple idea that was dropped because I didn’t have the time or the bricks to build the many, many sets it would have required.

Also, you walk a very fine line when you look at the funny side of disability.