This is a small collection of articles, interviews and reviews that appeared in print magazines during the course of Lexx's run. They're mostly transcribed or scanned by me, except where noted.

SFX 49, March 1999

SFX 52, June 1999

SFX 55, September 1999

SFX 62, March 2000

SFX 66, July 2000

SFX 77, April 2001

SFX 91, May 2002

Cinefantastique Volume 28, Number 7, Jan 1996

Originally transcribed and hosted here.

The Cantos

Some passably interesting content salvaged from the earliest incarnation of the official site.

All articles are copyright of their original authors and/or publications. If you're the author and/or copyright holder and you want something removed, let me know at the contact address.

The photo captions, especially the SFX ones, are those from the original articles. Don't blame me.