There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet. Here are some of the good bits.

I know I've probably missed a load of really cool stuff. If you think there's a site that deserves to be on here (or if you want the link to your site removed for some reason) then email me.

Brickfilming Resources

The premier resource for all things brickfilmy. There's a film directory, an extensive collection of FAQs and resources, and a forum where you can talk to other people with way too much time on their hands.
Cool Brick Movies
More forums, film directories and articles on brickfilming. Less active than Brickfilms, but worth a look.

LEGO Resources

The official site. Lots of content, plus an online store and an exciting club for you to join.
A massive repository of all things LEGO. Newsgroups, set references, the lot.
The Brickish Association
The unofficial UK LEGO user's group. Home of the only paper-based independent English language LEGO periodical. Or something like that.

Buying Bricks

The official LEGO online store. This place sells all the sets currently in production, along with online exclusives and regular special offers on discontinued lines.
A great place to buy if you're looking for specific pieces. It's run by LEGO fans and it's often cheaper than online auction houses like ebay.
OK, despite what I said above, ebay can be handy for buying some bulk stuff. Just check what you're bidding on before you go mad with your credit card.

Other Filmmakers

Deep beneath stately Burr Manor lies the Bluntcave, home of the infamous Bluntman. Bluntman is probably one of the most widely admired brickfilmers around at the moment, partly due to his inspired use of dialogue, characterisation and humour, and partly due to his massive productivity. (He's changed his "name" to Blunty now, but that ruins the whole Batman thing so I've left it as it is.)
Brick-tastic Films
Nick Maniatis (pronounced "Manny-AH-tis", fact fans) is another filmmaker who, as well as making some of the more adventurous brickfilms we've seen to date, has made the effort to provide animation tips and useful behind the scenes info on his site.
Bricks In Motion
Thomas Foote is a veteran brickfilmer who has provided inspiration to a lot of people. His site has lots of hints and tips for people starting out in this hobby, along with all his films to date.
James Maduzia, creator of some really top-notch films. He takes a very cinematic approach and gets some great results. Seriously, you will just be, like, wow.
Jay Silver
Jay has only made three brickfilms to date, but they're all stunning and should be a staple of anyone's brickfilms collection.
Yellowhead Studios
As well as being a great filmmaker, Stefan van Zwam is the creator of the hugely popular BSOL blue-screening software.

General Cool Stuff

The best band in the world? I couldn't possibly say. They're good though, and their flash-based website is cool. The forums are not recommended for our younger audience, however.
Red vs Blue
The most famous animated web series based around a console game's graphics engine. If you like FPS games and think that gratuitous but inventive swearing is both big and clever, you should be watching this.
Weebl and Bob
A very strange Flash animation thing. If you've never seen it, go there now. You can always come back here later. Mmm, pie.
Homestar Runner
Seems I found out about this site about three years after everyone else. Another great Flash cartoon site.
Geek heaven, pure and simple. It used to be a print magazine, now it's a big blog. Always worth a read.
Zeta Minor
A UK-based sited devoted to "cult and neglected" TV shows. It's also host to that rarest of things - a forum full of intelligent discussion and mostly sane people.