Welcome to the online home of Oblong Pictures, an imaginary film company which specialises in making short stop-motion films using the popular children's toy, LEGO.

The most popular films are listed on the right there, but there's some more available on the films page. There's also a couple of non-LEGO things on the other videos page.

If all this monkey business inspires you to pick up a camera and try your hand at animation, there are lots of resources available to help you get started. The FAQ page will give you some ramblings and ill-formed half-thoughts about how I make the films. Alternatively, some of the sites listed on the links page will have more details.



As long as I'm updating things, why not put a new film up, eh?

This is a video for a short snippet of a 50 Foot Wave song, intended as an entry in a youtube video contest, but submitted about two months too late.

Watch Pneuma on Youtube!

Read all about it.

Back from the dead

Well, here we are. Long time no... anything.

There have been a few developments in the year and a half since I last updated this site. The main one is that I've put most of my films up on youtube. I know some people had trouble working out what codecs needed installing where with the downloadable files, so this should make things easier.

I'll continue to upload higher quality versions of my films here but youtube links will be taking the place of the lower res versions from now on.

I've divided things up into two sections:

Proper films

Tests and outtakes

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