The Oblong Pictures film library has been specially created to offer a wide range of viewing experiences to delight and amaze all age groups. As long as you like LEGO.

A fairly low delight/amazement threshold will probably help as well.

Tough Questions

Two cops. One suspect. Fifteen seconds. Anything could happen, and probably will. As long as it's quite fast.

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The Brick Gulch Chronicles

The first episode of Red vs Blue. Only without all those distracting high-tech computer graphics. The versions listed here contain naughty swearing. For the cleaned-up version, follow the more info link.

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A short film recreating one of the pivotal moments in music video history. If you recognise the immortal words "you're worthless and weak" then you should have an idea what I'm talking about.

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Doctor Who: The Celestial Toyshop

Celebrating 40 years of everyone's favourite Time Lord.

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Words of Wisdom Award icon

Winner of the Best Theme award in the Brickfilms Words of Wisdom competition. This film features more hijinks with Mike and Geoff, the stars of Out of Time (see below).

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Where'd The Cheese Go?

An afternoon with too much time on my hands means plenty of LEGO Ween shenanigans. Small but perfectly formed.

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A Wasted Journey

My second "proper" film. This one is set in the Star Wars universe. 5 Rebel pilots, a million miles from home, encounter their worst nightmare!!!

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Created for the Brickfilms Informal Chicken Dance competition, in which entrants had to produce a film showing characters dancing to a particular tune. It didn't win, but that's probably for the best.

This one doesn't get a "More info" page because there isn't really that much to say about it.

Out Of Time Award icon

Winner of the NWBrickCon 2003 animation competition. Mike and Geoff get more than they bargained for when they take a quiet Sunday walk.

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The Christmas Message

Oh dear. I really don't like this one very much. I'd been messing about during the filming of Out of Time and decided to do a quick Christmas special. Unfortunately, I left myself far too little time to animate it the way I'd planned and it all ended up being a bit pointless really.

Again, no "More info" page for this one.

The Vaults

There are some things on this earth so terrible as to defy description. Unspeakable, eldritch things, shambling forth from their squalid nests to suck the very light from our world, leaving only darkness - a cold, grey darkness that reeks of despair and degradation.

This collection of test films isn't quite that bad, but they're not great.

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A Quick Note on Compression

Uncompressed, a minute of film weighs in at around 1GB. Yes, a gigabyte. Obviously, it would be immensely impractical, not to say time-consuming, to store my films online in uncompressed form. Because of this, these films are all compressed in one form or another. Where possible, I've tried to make each film available in several formats. If you download a film and it doesn't play or you only get sound, please make sure you have the latest version of whichever player you're trying to use: