Doctor Who: The Celestial Toyshop

For the benefit of any readers who have spent their entire lives in a charged vacuum emboitement, Doctor Who is quite possibly the best TV science fiction show ever made. It's a British show about a mysterious character who travels through time and space in a blue police box, having adventures and getting into scrapes.

2003 sees the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who, and I put together this little film as a kind of tribute to the Doctor's enduring legacy.

The film is aimed squarely at Doctor Who fans. If you don't know the show in a reasonable amount of detail, you probably won't get the awful joke at the end. I suppose you can still enjoy the finely honed animation and exquisite vocal performances though.

This is obviously not associated with the real Doctor Who. Official information and a whole host of Who facts and figures can be found at the official site.


Special Features

Yes, I remembered to take some proper pictures this time, so here's yet another exciting peek behind the scenes...

Special Features