Where'd The Cheese Go?

This is a music video, after a fashion, for a very short song by Ween. It features LEGO's Orient Adventure characters in a helter skelter race against time to locate their missing dairy produce. Kind of.

I was prompted to make this film when I saw a Flash animation thingy that has since dropped off the edge of the internet. It wasn't one of the most entertaining Flash animations I've seen, so I thought I'd see if I could do better using LEGO.

The song and its history can be found on the Ween website - long story short, it started out as an advertising jingle for a well-known hut-based pizza chain but they (or their ad agency) passed on it, so the band posted it online. I'm a big fan of Ween. Buy their stuff.

This film took next to no time to make because there's only the barest minimum of animation in it. I probably spent as much time building that tree-lined hillside in the background and trying to find yellow bricks to use for cheese as I did on the stop-motion.


Special Features

Not much in the way of special features this time, mainly because the whole thing took no time at all and nothing went wrong. Here are some behind the scenes pics for those who like that sort of thing though: