So busy

I have bitten off more than I can chew, I think. This time last year, I was thinking that maybe I’d take some time to finish off a Blacktron film that’s been close to done for about three years. That was all I had planned.

I’d been playing around with facial animation for a while. This Blacktron film was the testing ground, which is one of the reasons that it’s taken so long to get off the ground. I’d used it to learn what you can and can’t do with digital compositing, and big chunks have had to be reshot as I’ve discovered that I was mainly trying to do things that you can’t do. Hence the long delay.

Rather than carry on down that road though, I decided at the beginning of 2010 to start a new facial animation project from scratch. That turned out to be Knucklehead. After that, there was the whole 6 Music thing, then a couple of commissions came along, and a Christmas film. All in all it was one of my busier years, and I ended up with five new films to show for it.

As Christmas rolled round, I had one commission left to do, held over from earlier in the year. The plan for 2011 was to finish that, then maybe finish that old Blacktron film.

Right now, I’m still working on that commission, I’ve just turned out Bat Lieutenant in a weekend for a bit of “fun”, I’m going to be working on a music video for a song that will be written, recorded and released in a single day, on January 31st, and there’s another music video on the way in February. And I’m still thinking up new ideas for other things that I want to do as well.

It might be time to look into cloning.