January Song: Prologue

This is a bit of an unusual situation. Normally, when I write about films in progress, I try to be quite vague so as not to spoil the finished film. With this project, it’s different. I’m going to be quite vague because I don’t know what the finished film will be like myself.

Making Darren

Let’s start with some background. Darren Hayman is a musician who used to be in a band called Hefner. Then he was in a band called The French. Then he was involved in various other projects. The late John Peel was a fan, and so am I.

At the end of 2010, Mr Hayman announced that he’d be writing and recording a song a day in January 2011. That’s thirty one new songs, all written from scratch, in one month. Quite an undertaking. You can follow his progress here. At the time of writing, he’s managed nineteen days and nineteen songs.

As part of the project, he invited film makers to step forward and make videos for these songs. Without really thinking about it, I emailed him to offer my services. Now I’m making a music video for a song that doesn’t exist yet.

I’ve got some ideas for how to approach it. I’m planning to shoot a lot of generic footage that can be cut together to fit the music when it arrives on the 31st. The tricky part is going to be lip synching to the lyrics, which I’ll find out for the first time on that last afternoon.

I think I can do it.