January Song: Day 7

Today, I filmed shot 13. It was every bit as troublesome as you’d expect.

It should have been fairly straightforward. In my head, I could see a passenger’s eye view of a train pulling into a station, where friends are waiting to welcome him. That meant building another huge set for a long tracking shot in which people turned to look at the camera as it slowed to a halt.

After spending half a day building enough of a train station to look ok on screen, I then spent a couple of hours working out how to actually film the shot. It turned out the easiest way was to shoot it in reverse, starting with the group of friends and slowly pulling away, increasing speed, until I ran out of set.

I had to shoot it twice to get the speed increase right.

Again, it looks nice now that it’s done but I can’t help wondering if there was an easier way. Like doing a completely different shot, perhaps.