January Song: Day 2

Off to a slow start. I spent a lot of time yesterday sorting Lego and looking for some specific bits and pieces that I know I own but can’t seem to find anywhere. They didn’t turn up so I’m soldiering on bravely without them. This happens to me a lot – they typically turn up a couple of days after I finish the project that I wanted them for.

Today, I did some research (ie had a look at pictures of trains on flickr) and shot about twelve seconds of footage. Despite my best efforts at coming up with a temporary song, animating without the finished audio track is proving to be quite tricky.

I like to edit as I shoot so I can see any timing issues as they arise. This gives me a chance to go back and fix things on the spot while the camera and sets are all still in place. I can’t really do that with this as I just don’t know where anything goes yet.

Tomorrow, I plan to build a train station and hopefully get more than twelve seconds of footage. One of the many things I don’t know about this song is how long it’s going to be, so I’m going to have to aim to get about three minutes done and hope for the best.