Construction time again

WorkmenIt seems like most of the “news” posts here involve me either announcing new site designs or apologising for not updating for a year. This is one of the first kind. It’s largely redundant because anyone visiting the site for the first time won’t care, and anyone who visits on a regular basis will be able to tell by looking. Still, it’s an excuse to post something and make it look like I update the site regularly.

Basically, a blog that’s never updated is no kind of blog at all, so I’ve changed the emphasis to be more feature-based. Things should be easier to find now. You don’t have to wade through cryptically titled blog posts to find a particular film – they’re all just there in the LEGO Films section. And when a new film is out it should just appear right on the front page by magic, with a nice picture and everything.

I’ve moved the more bloggy bits into the background. I’ll try to post some bits and pieces of pre-release information now and then when I’m working on something but you’ll have to actually go looking for them. It’ll be like a little adventure.