Like tears in the rain

In putting together the new design for this site, I’ve been going back through the archives and digging out original frames from all my old films to use as thumbnails and illustrations. In doing this, I’ve discovered that I have lost almost all of the raw files from the making of Tough Questions. No unedited footage, no audio, no project files, no final cut. Nothing. All I have to show for it is a set of frames from the last shot in the film and the video on YouTube.

At fifteen seconds, it wasn’t the biggest project in the world but I do like to keep all the old files in case I need them, or in case someone invents technology to upscale grainy old webcam footage to HD. I was kind of sad to find out I’d lost the whole thing without even noticing.

When I first started looking, I thought things were a lot worse. I couldn’t find anything for Out of Time, Words of Wisdom, the first Star Wars film – anything before -->