Jane’s Brain

She had a brain

Another year, another competition.

This is my entry for Adam & Joe’s Video Wars competition. They do the Saturday morning radio show on BBC 6 Music and one of the more popular features on the show (out of a grand total of two) is Song Wars, where Adam and Joe create a song each based on a theme suggested by a listener. Other listeners then vote for the best song, and then Joe wins.

In a spirit of openness and inclusiveness, the boys launched the Video Wars competition to allow listeners to battle it out amongst themselves by creating a music video for one of two Song Wars songs. I chose Adam’s song, Jane’s Brain because it was shorter and it was the first one I came up with an idea for. The idea, like pretty much everyone else who entered with that song, was to interpret the lyrics literally.

This is my entry: Jane’s Brain

It’s only thirty seconds long, so it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Adam has a ton of stuff on youtube as well. You can watch that as well, if you like.