And we’re back

I think the site is mostly done now. There’s a few things to fix and I need to add youtube links to the film pages but I’m pretty sure everything else is in place. If you spot any problems, you can now leave one of those snazzy internet comment things right here and I’ll try to fix it.

I’ve moved everything onto a WordPress blog, which necessitates a change in the folder structure. If you ended up here after following a link from another site, use the search box up top there to find whatever it is you came for. I’ll be updating the ones I remember doing myself over the next few days but I know a few other people have linked here. Those ones are going to stay broken.

$$$$ pls thx
Finally, I found out today that Kristin Hersh, who is responsible for the music in Pneuma, is having some problems out on the road. Car trouble and the general economics of small-scale touring mean that she and the band are losing money big time at the moment, but they’re carrying on and honouring their remaining tour dates anyway. It’s a sad state of affairs for an artist that I’ve been a fan of for about twenty years, and I’m writing this in the hope that a few kind souls out there will help out.

See, you can download a whole free EP and a handful of album tracks from her website. That’s pretty good value right there. On that page, up near the top, is a little red circle that says “tip jar”. If you liked Pneuma and you have a paypal account and a bit of cash to spare, I’d appreciate it if you dropped a dollar or two their way. They seem like nice people and I’d be sad to see them forced to give up touring over something like this.