Let joy be unconfined!


So here it is – the exciting new design. It’s my first attempt at all this xhtml/css stuff, so here’s a picture of what this page should look like. I’ve checked it on a handful of browsers but if it looks significantly different on your browser, do let me know.

The redesign isn’t quite as redesigned as I thought it might be, but it’s not bad considering I’ve had to teach myself about 10 years’ worth of new web technology in 10 days. If anyone wants to explain a standards-compliant way of including inline images, I’m all ears.

Anyone visiting the site for the first time as a result of the CSS Reboot project is more than welcome to come in and have a good poke around. There’s films and everything.

Finally, true to my word as always, I’ve added a page for The Brick Gulch Chronicles, the film I made back in November and didn’t bother telling people about. You’ll probably get more out of it if you’ve seen the popular web series Red vs Blue. You’ll certainly have a better idea of how little of my own original work is involved in it.