Ween Stuff

Well, I’ve had to put away my “studio” temporarily to make room for some work-related stuff, so I’ve been entertaining myself in other ways. The results of this new pastime can be seen on the new Non-LEGO Videos page.

A lot of the stop motion films I make rely pretty heavily on editing, whether I’m cutting together lots of little clips to make a full scene, time-stretching a shot to match gestures to dialogue, or just plain fixing bad animation. I use Sony Vegas 4.0 for most of this editing, occasionally making title sequences in Flash.

All the stuff I know about editing I learned by playing around with the software. When I find myself with a bit of spare time (but not enough to do a full-blown animation) I still like to play around editing existing video footage just to see what kind of things I can do. The videos below are re-edits of popular family entertainment shows put to the fine musical stylings of Ween.

Note: If you’re of an age where your parents have a say in the kind of stuff you watch or listen to, you might be better off checking with them before watching these clips. There’s no real cussing or anything in the songs, but they pretty much fall into the category “unsavoury”. Don’t blame me if you get grounded or something.

Muppets Mister Ed