Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

This film was created for the Brickfilms.com Words of Wisdom competition, in which entrants had to create a short (2 mins or less) film centred around a well-known quote or saying. I quite like this one -- it’s the first film I’ve done that came out pretty much the way I planned it to begin with.

As these things go, this was a pretty fast film to make. After a few false starts (see Unused Scripts) I went from finding the quote to finishing up the editing over the course of a weekend. Believe me, that’s fast in stop-motion terms.


Special Features

Since, rather bizarrely, I’ve had some complaints about the nudity in this film, I’ve put together a “clean” version for those of a more delicate constitution. I’ll save the discussion of exactly how a naked plastic toy can be “dirty” for some other time.

Some behind the scenes pics, for those who like that sort of thing:

Mike's studio set
Outside the window
I meant to focus on the computer screen. Honest.
The view from the director's chair
Note the use of grey slopes where I ran out of regular bricks
The bird's eye view